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"3D Molecules Edit&Drill" is FREE. Today only.

3D Molecules Edit&Drill is a three-dimensional modeling tool and viewer for chemistry education in schools, colleges and universities.

3D Molecules Edit&Drill designed to enable students to build, construct, modify and examine molecules in 3D. 

The app is also great for any high school or college student in chemistry courses. Professionals will also find it very useful!

One of the key feature of 3D Molecules Edit&Drill is the "Test yourself" mode that allows learners to check their knowledge of chemistry and chemical compounds. For this mode you can create your own correct model of molecule and send it to students. Students can download this molecule verification file and use it for "Test yourself" mode.

3D Molecules Edit&Drill allows the users to open and view molecules in SDF format files, for example, from NCBI's PubChem (http://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov), a public database of compounds. 

When you have finished building your molecule you can either open and save it in cloud services, like Dropbox, and third-party programs or sent by e-mail.

• Building molecule model of any organic or inorganic compound using most of periodic table elements.
• “Test yourself” mode to build the target chemical compounds.
• Support of single, double and triple bonds. 
• Building molecule models of cyclic compounds. 
• Hints which provide information about what's going wrong with the builded molecule.
• Visualization of Stick style, Ball and Stick, Spacefill (CPK) models.
• Visualization of atomic orbitals and electron effects.
• T-shaped and «seesaw» molecular geometries support.
• Availability of information about the bond length and chemical element symbols in the molecule. 
• Bond-angle optimization.
• Saving and sending the created model by e-mail.
• Loading, editing and saving molecule in SDF file format.
• Creating, sending and opening molecule verification file.
• Export to VRML format for builded molecule.
• Opening the molecule file attachments directly from Mail.
• Opening and saving created molecules in cloud services and third-party applications.

The app includes tutorial how to create and delete models.

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