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Light Reflection

Section: Light Reflection

In the Central pavilion you will get to know what a boy and a sunbeam have in common. It is much easier to learn light phenomena by examples together with other students. Based on your knowledge of light refraction laws you will help girl light a library.

There are 3 scenes in the Light Reflection: 

Angle of Incidence. Angle of ReflectionLight ReflectionLight Reflection Game

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Light Refraction

Section: Light Refraction

In the Aqua pavilion you will find an amazing aquarium. Teacher will use it to demonstrate the phenomenon of light refraction occurring when a light ray passes from one medium to the other. After that you will try your luck aiming at the target using a laser cannon.

There are 4 scenes in the Light Refraction section:
Light RefractionChange of  Ray DirectionRay RefractionLight Refraction Game

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Section: Color
In the Colour pavilion together with boy and girl you will learn about the rainbow phenomenon, find out what a spectrum is and why the objects around us are different in colour.
Assemble rainbow spectrum. Try to be first!

There are 4 scenes in the Color section:

Rainbow Phenomenon White Color Decomposition Explanation of Object Color Rainbow Game

Eyes and Glasses

Section: Eyes and Glasses

On a picturesque bridge teacher will share with his students the information about the structure and functions of certain parts of eye.

There are 3 scenes in the Eyes and Glasses section:
Functions and Structure of EyesFunctions of Some Eye PartsVision Defects

Otical Devices

Section: Otical Devices

While visiting the Observatory you will learn how a telescope was invented and understand the mechanism and principles of work of other optical devices.

There are 4 scenes in the Optical Devices: 
Variety of Optical DevicesMicroscopesTelescope Camera and Projectors


Section: Lens
In the Lens pavilion you will learn about collective and diffracting lens as well as lens focus.

There are 3 scenes in the Lens section: 
Lens Focus Lens Image

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Section: Mirrors

On the upper site of a Central pavilion you will find a funny and instructive world of distorting mirrors.


Examine the types of mirrors and help boy and girl draw together a correct reflection in a mirror at Mirror Game.

There are 5 educational and playing scenes at section Mirrors:

Flat Mirrors

Application of Flat Mirrors

Convace Mirrors

Convex Mirrors

Mirrors Game

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Light and Shadow

Section: Light and Shadow

In the Shadow pavilion you will find out how the objects cast shadows and learn about solar and lunar eclipses occurring due to this phenomenon. Then you will practice placing the objects in such a way that they produce the shadow of a certain form and size. Teacher will assist you.

There are 4 scenes in the  Light and Shadow section:

Direct Light Propagation
Shadow Formation
Solar and Lunar Eclipse
Shadows Game

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Sources of Light

Section: Sources of Light

Before coming into the City teacher will tell you about the sources of light and meaning of light in our life.
Then you will be able to help boy and girl switch off all the light in their country house.

There are 3 scenes in the Sources of Light:

Sources of Light

  Impotance of Light  

Sources of Light.Game

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