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City of light. Fun iPad educational application for kids


City of Light is the first application in a series STEM Islands.

City of Light is geared for 5-10 years old children. Kids can learn about light and practice with Light and Optic phenomena in interesting games.

There are 9 educational sessions in the City of light.
•    Sources of Light
•    Light and Shadow
•    Light Refraction (free)
•    Mirrors
•    Light Reflection (free)
•    Lens, Optical Devices
•    Eyes and Glasses
•    Color.

Would you like to know what makes a light ray or how a rainbow appears in the sky? Why can a person perceive colours and how do the objects cast shadows?

A Natural Science teacher Mr. Petrov will help you answer these and many other questions while travelling around the magic City of Light. A bright student Kate and a curious student Roma will accompany you in this trip. It is always more fun to learn together.

You will learn much new and interesting after visiting 9 colourful pavilions of the City of Light. The knowledge gained in the City will help you play the games offered at the end of a learning session. We are dedicated to make learning fun and interesting.

You will try your luck shooting a laser cannon, help Kate light up a library, build a correct reflection of Roma in a distorting mirror and participate in lots of other interesting activities. Why not compete with your friends and see who can conquer the games faster?

Try it now!

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