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STEM Islands. City of Light is availible for iPhone now

STEM Islands. City of Light allows kids to understand light phenomena and optics in an easy and fun way. A Natural Science teacher and his two students set out on a fascinating journey around the magic City of Light instead of studying light phenomena in a classroom.
STEM Islands. City of Light is geared for 7-12 years old children. It provides a fun-filled, interactive way to learn light phenomena and optics. Kids will learn a lot of new and interesting after visiting 9 colourfull pavilions of City of Light. At the end of every journey there is a game which is meant for mastering the material and disclosing laws, so that kids could practice in a game like way. The information is presented in the form of bright pictures, fun video, models and dynamic animation. All these motivate kids to learn, make them happy and engaged.

City of Light has features that extinguish it from other available apps.

Some of the features that extinguish City of Light from other available apps:
  • City of Light contains 9 learning themes describing light phenomena. To understand each of them kids walk around City of Light and visit Aquarium, Observatory, Shade Theatre and other interesting places.
  • Fun and welcoming characters assisting in knowledge gaining
  • Fun activities touch upon every character and text
  • Сombination of bright pictures, video, models and dynamic animation for information presentation
  • Interactive game scenes are bound to help kids master the learnt material and discover the laws previously unknown for them

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