четверг, 21 июня 2012 г.

See video about Science for Teens: Mechanics and Energy

NEW game Science for Teens: Mechanics and Energy!

Science for Teens: Mechanics and Energy


This unique interactive app Science for Teens: Mechanics and Energy is sure to make learning mechanics both easy and amazing.

Friendly characters will guide you along the learning material. A teacher of Science and his students are continuing their exciting trip through the world of knowledge. Now their task is to discover the laws of mechanics. Taping on a character will make him/her draw important conclusions of the learnt phenomenon. You’ll learn a lot of interesting facts about work, force, energy and mechanisms. The world around us is so diverse and interesting.

Make your own route for the trip using a map. A lot of topics are complemented with a fun game. So learning mechanics becomes a fun and engaging process. Download Science for Teens: Mechanics and Energy right now!

There are 4 educational themes:
• Mechanisms
• Mechanical Work
• Energy
• Sources of Energy

• Four educational themes in one application.
• Interactive game scenes are bound to help students master the learnt material and discover the laws previously unknown for them.
• Fun and welcoming characters assisting in knowledge gaining.
• Video and colorful animations help explain physical processes.
• Fun activities touch upon every scene to provide the learner's active engagement in the process.

 Download the app here http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/science-for-teens-mechanics/id529091646?mt=8